Queen's Invitation Homing Society
"Whoah...are these guys still around?! I had assumed Blackpool's most destructive collective had shut down, but maybe not. Who's still in the group? Not really sure, but there's ten of them, and they still create some wonderful sludge. There's a certain amount of songly organisation to what they're doing (UK DIY shamble-punk at its shambliest), but they really attack the whole thing with forks, and rend it as neatly as any BBQ pork you'll ever see. A wonderful piece of classicist mindfuck" - Byron Coley, The Wire, 2013.

"The Hobs have somehow managed to release some of the most important music coming out of the country....after years of teetering on the edge of psychedelic experimental rock it would appear that the Hobs have finally fallen in dragging with them the corpses of The Butthole Surfers, The Gerogerigegege, Wild Man Fischer and more bizarrely Deep Purple" - Idwal Fisher, 2011.

"WEALE puzzles me now…he used to run a popgroup called THE CERAMIC HOBS…the ill used to burn their children on them…and i associated ‘hobs’ with the JOOISH ORTHODOX…in fact as HELEN was to say…he had a hob in his flat and not a gas stove….you see the ORTHODOX do not like a ‘naked flame’ upon the SABBATH which is why they tend to buy HOBS so that they can cook upon that day…unless they are ‘ultra-orthodox’ that is…" - Emily Gyde, 2011

AS OF LATE 2013 we tragically have a failbook - https://www.facebook.com/TheCeramicHobs - check there for further updates, site is maintained by four current band members. SPIRIT WORLD CIRCLE JERK came out not long ago - visit http://mustdierecords.co.uk/

The Ceramic Hobs trust Russia who owns lj above USA who own fb, and once we have helped to destroy the USA through acts of terrorism we may return permanently to livejournal.

The Ceramic Hobs were formed in Blackpool in 1985 by Simon Morris and Stephen Lambert, inspired by the DIY cassette culture of the era and has become in effect an unfunded, unique and independent radical therapeutic community for persons diagnosed with schizophrenia and other major mental disorders. Since its inception the band with an ever-changing lineup have produced more than thirty difficult releases on vinyl, CD and cassette for many different worldwide record labels and have regularly performed live shows in the UK and mainland Europe. They have been closely associated with the civil rights group Mad Pride for over a decade and currently boast four band members with psychiatric diagnoses who have done time in nut wards. Their most recent releases are an album called OZ OZ ALICE and a single called 33 TRAPPED CHILEAN MINERS PARTS 1-3. In 2013 their sixth album proper SPIRIT WORLD CIRCLE JERK will be released.

REVIEWS OF LAST ALBUM: http://idwalfisher.blogspot.com/2010/09/he-ceramic-hobs-oz-oz-alice-orb.html - "There’s song structure and chugging chords but somehow the Hobs manage to chuck enough distortion and mayhem into it to twist it all into something that’s unlike anything else being recorded today...Its like having two stereos going at once at 1am after a night on the gravy...a labyrinthine affair, as dense as a Pynchon novel... the Hobs have replaced shiny production values and leanings towards pop punk psychedelia with a dangerously out of control beast that looks like its being held together with hastily driven in nails, soggy string and dodgy drugs."

http://karlwaugh.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/review-of-the-ceramic-hobs-oz-oz-alice/ - "the album slowly twists around your head such that it becomes a series of highly amusing, intelligent or surreal samples and quotes held together by these noise-punk interludes. Spoken word sections drill home the continuous feeling of mental illness throughout the album, and give a disturbing edge to the whole affair...In terms of imagery of lyrics, sounds, samples, noises and riffs it’s all stacked up to induce a sensory overload, in a similar way to the literary work of William Burroughs, it is thick with imagery and references that you could never decipher"

http://www.incendiarymag.com/node/2169 - "Ceramic Hobs are back with a behemoth of a record: and I can only say that I absolutely love it...there’s something utterly compelling about their fractious, chaotic blend of psychedelia and slobbed-out punk...I kept thinking of Ronnie Laing at whilst listening to these tracks, which may not be a good thing"

http://radiofreemidwich.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/why-im-scared-of-ceramic-hobs/ - "it is a kind of masterpiece. Despite being fired from the usual stylistic scattergun, the vision here is so unified and fleshed out that it is hard to pick highlights. Maybe the balls-out punk of ‘Irish Jew’, or the startling power electronic demolition of 80s soft rockers Toto, or the whole 35 minute swirling nightmare of the title track. Everything that is great about the Hobs is here perfected...what we get with Ceramic Hobs at their best, as on this album, is a genuine product of madness...This band is not only ‘going there’ but doing so willingly and, whilst there, using some voodoo power to create this music for the rest of us. My mind boggles - rather them than me."

PHASE NINE: 2012-?: Roger returns to full-time performance with the Hobs for the first time in ten years as well as production/engineering. New young lead guitarist Jake and fresh blood Ray Speedway appear, as well as continued involvement of veterans Nigel Joseph, Kate Fear, Ging, Simon and Mr Concrete Himself. The sixth album proper SPIRIT WORLD CIRCLE JERK is due in 2013 for Must Die Records in vinyl-only format. Gig schedule is cut dramatically to a mere handful of shows per year.

PHASE EIGHT, 2008-2011: Ging, Kate, Laurence, Nigel Joseph, Mr Concrete Himself and Simon plus new recruits Ben and Ric with Roger and the late and sadly missed RooH on production duties released an album entitled OZ OZ ALICE for ORB Editions in summer 2010 and a single called 33 TRAPPED CHILEAN MINERS for Must Die Records at the start of 2012. They sometimes used pseudonyms initially during a surreal Spinal Tap-eque year (2008-9) of performing semi-secret gigs while splitting with considerable acrimony (and some legal consequences) from Pumf Records. This phase of distinctly darker and sludgier sounds ends with the departure of Laurence due to illness and the 'metal guys' Ric and Ben also left after a few years' dedicated work.

PHASE SEVEN, 2003-2008: pStan Batcow and Simon recruited new musicians including RooH, Ging Shi-ite, Kate Fear and Buzz The Jerk (who was eventually replaced by Larry Language) and the band became a primarily live gigging unit for the first time in its history, as well as releasing two more albums on Pumf: SHERGAR IS HOME SAFE AND WELL and AL AL WHO. Countless gigs around the UK as well as in Germany and Belgium, and for the first time they were also able to regularly play in their home town Blackpool, often alongside much younger punk/metal bands. This phase ended during 2008 due to irreconcilable differences between pStan and Simon, after fifteen years of continual, often psychologically unsettling work together. Members: Simon, pStan, RooH, Ging, Dave F, Laurence, Kate, Mr Concrete Himself, Caz B, Nigel Joseph.

PHASE SIX, 2000-2002: A version of the band continued with new recruit Butty and a drum machine to play a handful of live shows. Just one single for Harbinger Sound was recorded during this era before this incarnation collapsed due to internal tension. Members: Simon, Stan, Butty, Roger.

PHASE FIVE, 1993-2000: The two founder members began jamming with President Massey from phase 2/3 during his brief releases from hospital, and were soon joined by accomplished musician and owner of Pumf Records pStan Batcow. A great deal of material was recorded for tape labels of the booming DIY scene of the era, and gigs recommenced in 1996. Part-time members Jane, Mr Concrete Himself and Nigel Joseph made their first appearances during this phase, and founder member Steve finally bowed out after sterling 15 years' service. During this period other names used by the band for one-off releases included Greasy Walter and the Razors, Iron Lion Zion, Salty Grouse Castration Squad and Blood Klat (in spume bummer). They began to receive favourable national press and played regularly for the burgeoning Mad Pride movement in London. Singles were released via Pumf, BWCD, Stinky Horse Fuck, Mental Guru and Small Orange, and their first two albums PSYCHIATRIC UNDERGROUND and STRAIGHT OUTTA RAMPTON appeared on Pumf, for the latter of which they were joined by the genial Uberpope Raptor Ramjet.
Just before the release of that album - perhaps our best-received work to date - the President was re-sectioned and remains to this day detained without trial in the mental health system. Members: Simon, Steve, Stevie, Stan, Roger, Mr Concrete Himself, Nigel Joseph.

PHASE FOUR,1990-1992: At a low ebb and loose end, Syd and Simon rework old Hobs riffs at home and release a vinyl single under the name Orange Sunshine. No gigs were undertaken during this rather obscure and low-key era which ended when they both left their home town. Members: Simon, Syd.

PHASE THREE, 1989: An ever-changing line-up of Hobs plus notable new recruits Jeff and Manchester-based artist Brian Benson on drums played a series of chaotic, noisy and drug-damaged shows around the north of England at squats and festivals, most often billed as Satan The Jesus Infekt'd Needles And Blood. Simon was re-sectioned in September 1989. Members: Simon, Steve, Stevie, Bri, Jeff, many one-off guests.

PHASE TWO, 1986-88: More able musicians from other local teenage bands joined, including Syd, Phil, P, Stevie, Stratty and Alan. The sound became more psychedelic and rock-based. Many songs which were recorded by later incarnations of the band had their origins during this busy era, during which they also branched out into video productions and released a flexidisc before Simon was sectioned in July 1988.

PHASE ONE, 1985-6: Stephen Lambert and Simon Morris started the band at the age of sixteen without owning or playing any instruments. They made a kind of musique concrete, releasing their own tapes, printing their own zines...DIY bedroom aesthetic.

BASIC DISCOGRAPHY: 7" singles: The Stoat Rides Out (Pumf 1988) - split with Howl In The Typewriter/ Wife Swapping Party (Stuffed Cat UK 1991) - as 'Orange Sunshine'/ This Sore And Broken Blackpool Legacy (BWCD 1996) - split with To Live & Shave In LA/ Beat I Woman Fe Respeck (Smith Research 1996) - as 'Iron Lion Zion'/ 72 Hour Drink Binge - Alcopop Madness (Pumf 1997)/ Klarion Kall To 50 Potential (Mental Guru 1999) - as 'Greasy Walter And The Razors'/ Shaolin Master (Harbinger 2002) - as 'Theeeeeee Ceramic Hobs'/ 33 Trapped Chilean Miners parts 1-3 (Must Die 2012)/// 8" single: Paedophilia And Hard Drugs (Stinky Horse Fuck 1998) - split with Smell & Quim/// LP: Spirit World Circle Jerk (Must Die, 2013) CDs: Psychiatric Underground (Pumf 1998)/ Straight Outta Rampton (Pumf 2001)/ Shergar Is Home Safe And Well (Pumf 2004)/ Al Al Who - twenty-one extraordinary renditions (Pumf 2007)/ Oz Oz Alice (ORB Editions 2010)/// CD-Rs: Astonishing Wheat Productions 1986-1989 (Fiend 2000)/ Free Tim Telsa (Small Orange 2000)/ Ultramont! (Pumf 2002)/ Of The Tin City - Live At Mad Pride (Pumf 2002)/ *MAY BE TRIGGERING* (Smith Research 2005)/ Celebrating 20 Years Of Mental Illness (aka) 20 Golden Deathtrips (aka) Golden Hour Of The Ceramic Hobs (Pumf 2005)/ (no title listed)(no artist listed) (no label 2009)/ Live 8/11/87, 21/11/09, 13/2/88, 15/10/09 (no label 2010)/Summer Hob Days 2 (Smith Research 2010)/Oz Oz Alice 6 (Poot Records 2011) - as 'ZA Must Try Harder'/SPON 40 IN MEMORY OF NIGEL JOSEPHS (Spon) - split with Nigel Joseph///cassettes: Summer Hobdays (Smith Research 1985, split with The Turnip Brigade)/ Merry Xmas Folks! (Smith Research 1986)/ Swans Have Long Necks (Smith Research 1986)/ Fishbread Miracle (Smith Research 1986)/ Celery Bomb (ABCD 1987)/ Disturbing 'Boxing-Ring' Fantasies (Pumf 1988)/ You'll Wanna Blow Your Brains Out For A Fix Of Hobs Trash - SMFS 7(rec 86-88, rel BWCD 1995)/ Hi NRG Rock'n'Roll With Added PCP Power (no label 1989 - as 'Satan The Jesus Infekt'd Needles And Blood')/ The Unholy Elbib - SMFS 12 (rec 89, rel BWCD 1996 - as 'Satan The Jesus Infekt'd Needles And Blood')/ Bring On The Coincidancing Horses (rec 90-91, rel Pumf 1996 - as 'Orange Sunshine')/ Nihilistik Subkultures Shall Thrive Upon These Deathly Visions (Pumf 1993 - as 'Salty Grouse Castration Squad')/ You Don't Need A Pickaxe To Collect Ghoul Soil (Pumf 1995 - as 'Blood Klat (In Spume Bummer)'/ split tape with Amputease (EF 1995)/ Top Buzz (Pumf 1995)/ Bertie Egg's Egg of The Day (Scum 1995 - as 'Thee Ceramick Hobs')/ Onepercenters - The Worst Winter Ever (Cakehole 1996)/ Shingle (Kylie 1996)/ split tape with Five O'Clock Blood Shadow (Matching Head 1997)/ Fuck Da Police (Face Like A Smacked Arse 1998)/ Live 85-98 (Umbaybaybee 1999)/ noisy tape (Spite 2000)/ Recycled Music (RRR 2000)/ untitled (ordnance Tape only, 2001)/ Part 3 of Trilogy (Matching Head 2003)/ Oz Oz Alice 1 (Total Vermin 2009, as 'MPO/LERM')/ Live At Kraak Gallery split with Female Borstal (Boiled Brains Bootlegs, 2012)- plus many many compilation appearances, reissues, mp3s...

GIG LIST:1985:September - Lytham, Library Buildings/November - Blackpool, disused underpass/1986:December - Blackpool, school/1987:July - Blackpool, disused underpass/November - Liverpool, 85 Ullett Road/December - Manchester, Fulford Street/1988:February - Manchester, 28 Stockton Road/February - Manchester, Grove House/March - Leeds, James Baillie House/March - Manchester, Dalton Hall/1989:February - Liverpool, Planet X/February - Manchester, 28 Stockton Road/March - Manchester, ?/April - Manchester, Hop & Grape/April - Liverpool, Jacaranda/May - Liverpool, Otterspool Park/June - Manchester, Hulme Punx Picnic/August - Manchester, Red Admiral/November - Hulme, Kitchen/1992:Spring - Manchester, Swinging Sporran/1996:January - Leeds, 120 Rats/January - Leeds, 120 Rats/May - Leeds, Fenton/June - Bradford, 1 in 12/September - Leeds, Packhorse/November - Preston, Adelphi/1997:November - Middlesbrough, St Mary's/November - Blackpool, Tower Lounge/1998:April - Stoke-on-Trent, Windermere Street/1999:September - London, Union Chapel/2000:May - London, Chat's Palace/June - Blackpool, Tache/July - London, Clissold Park/2001:June - Blackpool, West Coast/July - Manchester, Retro Bar/October - London, Garage/2002:July - Blackpool, Raikes/September - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club/October - Newcastle, Chillingham/November - Lytham, Hansom Cab/December - Poulton, St John's/2003:June - Blackpool, Station/June - London, Garage/July - Cleckheaton, Mead Hall/August - Blackpool, Station/September - Blackpool, Station/September - Blackpool, Blue Room/September - Blackpool, West Coast/November - Soho, Gossips/November - Brighton, Hobgoblins/December - Stoke-on-Trent, Talbot/December - Blackpool, West Coast/2004:March - Newcastle, Cluny/July - Leeds, Joseph's Well/July - Blackpool, West Coast/August - Stoke-on-Trent - Talbot/August - Lancaster - York House/October - Manchester - Thompson's Arms/October - Liverpool, Hev'n & Hell/December - Blackpool, Beat/2005:January - Thornton, Ashley/March - Liverpool, Hev'n & Hell/April - Lancaster, York House/July - London, Ryan's Bar/July - Brighton, Cowley Club/July - Blackpool, West Coast/December - Blackpool, LiquidLounge/December - Blackpool, 146 Palatine Road/2006:January - Blackpool, LiquidLounge/January - Blackpool, West Coast/February - Leeds, Fenton/March - Bacup, Football Social Club/April - Blackpool, West Coast/April - Blackpool, LiquidLounge/June - Blackpool, West Coast/June - Manchester, Phoenix/June - Blackpool, West Coast/June - Pilling, organic farm/August - Berlin, Buchbinderei Adolf666/August - Berlin, Galerie Scherer8/October - Preston, Adelphi/October - Bacup, Football Social Club/November - Blackpool, West Coast/2007:February - Leeds, Library/February - Blackpool, Riffs/June - Blackpool, Riffs/June - Blackpool, West Coast/June - Blackpool, Number One Club/July - Bacup, Wyrd Of Stake Moss/July - Bacup, Wyrd Of Stake Moss/July - Blackpool, Riffs/August - Blackpool, West Coast/October - Blackpool, Riffs/October - Bacup, Football Social Club/December - Blackpool, West Coast/December - Blackpool, Riffs/2008:February - Lytham, Cricket Club/March - Brussels, Brigitinnes/March - Preston, Mad Ferret/March - Lancaster, Yorkshire House/March - Blackpool, Raikes/March - Leeds, Common Place/March - Bacup, Football Social Club/March - Levenshulme, Klondyke/March - Blackpool, Riffs/July - Ribble Valley, Beatherder/August - Blackpool, Stanley Park/September - Blackpool, West Coast/October - Blackpool, West Coast/October - Blackpool, Connolly's Bar/2009:March - Blackpool, West Coast/April - Blackpool, Mojos/June - Preston, New Continental/June - Blackpool, West Coast/July - Salford, Islington Mill/October - Newcastle, Ouseburn Regeneration Centre/October - Blackpool, West Coast/October - Manchester, Rippingham Road party/November - Blackpool, West Coast/2010:February - Preston, New Continental/March - Blackpool, West Coast/May - Glasgow, 13th Note/May - Edinburgh, Henry's Cellar Bar/May - Blackpool, West Coast/May - Leeds, Cardigan Arms/2011:January - Blackpool, Blue Room/March - Manchester, Rogue Studios/March - London, Elevator Gallery/March - St Leonards, The Roomz/May - Vilnius, X120/May - Kaunas, Antipop's/July - Liverpool, Zanzibar/July - Blackpool, Ellesmere Road party/August - Blackpool, West Coast/October - Blackpool, Cedar Tavern/2012:February - Preston, New Continental/April - Manchester, Kraak Gallery/April - Leeds, Fox & Newt/June- Newcastle, New Bridge Studios/July - Glasgow, 13th Note/July - Glasgow, city centre streets/November - Blackpool, Cedar Tavern/2013:March - Leeds, Wharf Chambers/April - Poulton, Breck Club/April - Manchester, Gullivers/May - Hoylake, Ship Inn/2014:February - Poulton, Breck Club/May - Preston UCLAN Media Factory/June - Manchester, Kraak Gallery/June - Out Rawcliffe, farm/June- Burslem, Old Post Office/July - Leeds, Wharf Chambers/August - Glasgow, 13th Note/September - Manchester, Club Academy

CONTACT: knightsmove7(AT)hotmail.com

STATEMENT (2006): I can't imagine what more there is to say. I can't say the words. I can't imagine the territory. If I walked I could think of the words, you would be walking alongside me, the third person. If I imagined the words I could speak them. And maybe we'd find out where you end and I begin. If I had a thought I only imagined this territory, we were walking with another alongside us. This was where I ended and others began. In the third person he had a thought and imagined the words. And he's there, waiting for me to do this badly. A forest with leaves tossed in autumn wind as I imagine the right words. If we walked together in the third person alongside us would be the space where you end and I begin. Over the city we sat and watched the lights, above this city, we watched the twinkly yellow night lights of the city as we walked with a third person between us. The lights in the sky where I end and others begin, walking to imagine more words. As we imagine the territory to be the map, there is now a seamless join where "I" end and "you" begin, as the leaves twirl in wind and the twinkly yellow night lights of the city blend, and this map was always the territory. And now the map is the territory, and the one who walks alongside us has slipped away to other dreamers, and above this city we thought we could stop time itself, as we watched the twinkly yellow night lights of the city...


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